Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Touring the Park

Today was Joyce's,birthday and since she is moving to Idaho, we decided to tour the park.

We left Mammoth and headed towards the North East Entrance. We were very fortunate to see lots of animals today starting with these bison and antelope hanging out near Lamar Valley.
At Pebble Creek, we saw these 2 moose munching on willow brush.

We exited the park via the North East Entrance and drove on out to the "big city" of Cooke City, MT. We stopped at the Bearclaw Deli for coffee, hot chocolate, sweet rolls, and their signature bear claw pastries. Yum!
Main Street, Cooke City:

Heading back towards Mammoth, I saw a HUGE black wolf moving swiftly on the side of the road. We pulled over and jumped out. It was being chased by a coyote! We watched them climb up the far hillside until the big black wolf became a little dot. I never got a picture of them because they were moving too fast. We think that the wolf must have been near the coyote's den where there were probably coyote pups.
Once back at Mammoth, we decided to head south towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. I've got a hundred pics of the canyon, but it never gets old! Here's another:

Then we headed to Hayden Valley. Surprisingly, the bison and elk herds that usually fill the valley were no where to be seen. We did have this nice view from the pullout where we ate our sack lunch picnic:
After our lunch, we headed back home to Mammoth disappointed that we hadn't seen a bear before Joyce left the park. Low and behold, right before we got to Obsidian Cliff, there were cars stopped along the road and people standing at the edges of the road. Right in front of us crossed a grizzly bear with 2 cubs!!!!

We sat and watched the cubs for several mintues. They are adorable!
For dinner tonight, a group met at Rosie's in Gardiner for desserts to celebrate Joyce's birthday:
It was a great day in the park!

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