Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hazards in the Workplace

Danger can lurk anywhere. Sometimes, the paths we take to the office or to the dining room have to be detoured to avoid all the animals grazing on the green grass found here at Mammoth.

After returning from a hike, this bison was at the end of the walkway into my dorm:

Maybe your job requires ear plugs to protect your hearing or safety glasses to protect your vision. Others have stressful jobs that harm their mental and physical health. Around here, the hazards in the workplace are a little different. I can't say that my job is stressful and I don't think there's much chance of me losing my hearing or sight, but there are other hazards we have to deal with from time to time. Today, this sign was posted on the office door to alert us as we left the office to go to lunch:
There were some elk grazing just outside the door. If some unexpecting person came barrelling out door with their head down, they just might have a spooked elk chasing them!

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  1. Always enjoy your pictures and copmments-these latest were great!!!!!