Sunday, May 30, 2010


Early June is when the elk starting having their babies. This newborn elk at the far right was born across the road from where I live which is the building seen below. The baby elk is about 2 hours old in these pics:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mammaw and Phiddy's visit - Day 2

We spent the night in the Old Faithful Inn.

The next morning, we sat in the lobby with coffee and a mocha. Very relaxing place to start the day.

After driving up through the west side of the park, we stopped at Helen's in Gardiner for the best burger I think I've ever had. Then, we headed north to Chico Hot Springs where we soaked in the natural hot springs, ate a delicious meal, and spent the night.

Mammaw and Phiddy relaxing on the front porch. Perfect place to be!

Even though it is almost June, it looks more like Spring here in Montana. These flowers were blooming weeks ago in KY.
The next morning, I headed back to park for work and Mammaw and Phiddy headed to Bozeman to fly home. We had a great visit - it was so good to see them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mammaw and Phiddy's Visit - Day 1

Mammaw and Phiddy flew into Bozeman Sunday night. Monday morning, they drove into the park and met me for lunch at the Terrace Grill. After I got off work, I took them to Rosie's in Gardiner to meet some of my friends and c0-workers.

Tuesday morning began our tour of the park. The HooDoos:
We got a dusting of snow overnight:

Black bear:
Roaring Mountain:

It was a little on cool side:

I don't have much zoom on my camera, but this is a bald eagle sitting in a tree along the Yellowstone River.

Lake Yellowstone is just beginning to thaw:

A hot spring at the Fountain Paint Pots geyser basin:

Fountain Paint Pots:

Phiddy with the moon rising at Old Faithful Inn:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My day off from work was a little rainy, so I drove to Undine Falls:

Stopped at Wraith Falls and walked .5 miles to the waterfall.

Whistle pigs were running around everywhere.

Wraith Falls

I stopped at Lava Creek picnic area and ate lunch.
It was a good spot to read my book:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beaver Ponds Trail

Lori and I did this hike today after dinner. Beaver Ponds Trail is in our backyard and loops behind Mammoth.


Gardiner, MT:

Shooting Star: