Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mammoth Hot Springs - My Home Away From Home

This gray wolf walked right out into the road in front of me as I was driving into Mammoth. They have a den in the area. The houses you see in the background are National Park Service employees who live here at Mammoth.

The bison are calving. The little "Red Dogs" are soooo cute and are one of my favorite animals in the park. We see them all the time here in Mammoth.

I often walk along the boardwalks at the Mammoth Hot Springs which is the main attraction here in Mammoth.

Mammoth as seen from halfway up the Terraces:

There are 305 steps to the top of the Terraces. My goal for the months of June and July is to walk the terraces every morning BEFORE work. We'll see if that didn't last year...

The view of Mammoth from the top before I go back down 305 steps.

On this particular day, I drove toward Norris after my walk. I spotted my first grizzly in YNP for the 2010 season:

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