Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mammaw and Phiddy's Visit - Day 1

Mammaw and Phiddy flew into Bozeman Sunday night. Monday morning, they drove into the park and met me for lunch at the Terrace Grill. After I got off work, I took them to Rosie's in Gardiner to meet some of my friends and c0-workers.

Tuesday morning began our tour of the park. The HooDoos:
We got a dusting of snow overnight:

Black bear:
Roaring Mountain:

It was a little on cool side:

I don't have much zoom on my camera, but this is a bald eagle sitting in a tree along the Yellowstone River.

Lake Yellowstone is just beginning to thaw:

A hot spring at the Fountain Paint Pots geyser basin:

Fountain Paint Pots:

Phiddy with the moon rising at Old Faithful Inn:

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