Saturday, May 9, 2009


First of all, let me say that I am kicking myself once again for not taking my camera with me on the hike last night. There was about 25 of us that went on a Full Moon Terrace Hike. The full moon popped out over Canary Springs and it was amazing. But none of you will see just how amazing it was. Sorry!

I haven't posted much this past week. We have had some rain in the evenings when we usually go for our walks, so I haven't been out and about much this week. I was feeling restless and stir-crazy this afternoon and decided to take a drive tonight. Rebekah went with me and we headed out towards Roosevelt.

There are a few dozen people in the park known as the "Wolf Watchers". They can be spotted pulled off the road with big, expensive viewing scopes watching wolf packs off in the distance. We spotted a couple at a pull-off, so we stopped. If you ask, they usually are glad to let you look through the scope, but we didn't ask at first. We were standing there admiring the view and listening to them talk. Apparently, there was a wolf den off to the left, and a black bear with 2 cubs off to the right. I was looking to the left towards the wolf den when I spotted something black move beside a tree. I pointed and asked if that was another bear. This bear was way off in the distance (too far away for me to get on my camera). The guys turned their scopes in the direction of was pointing, and sure enough, Rebekah and I had spotted a bear with our naked eye!!! ha ha

So, I guess we had earned their respect, and they offered us the chance to look through their scopes. I could see the black I spotted, as well as the mama bear with the cubs. I never really could pick out the wolf den. Apparently they could see wolf pups inside the den moving about ever now and then.

We didn't stay long with the wolf watchers. We headed on to Roosevelt. The road was open past Roosevelt to Tower Falls and we headed in that direction. Just past Roosevelt corral, a black bear crossed the road:

Then, we came to Calcite Springs Overlook. This was a really pretty spot:

On the way back, I snapped a picture of this crane, mostly because I thought Emily and Bradley might enjoy looking at this picture. They love looking at pictures of animals.

The sun was setting as we were driving back to Mammoth. I do believe this is the first sunset picture I have taken. This picture does not do it justice:
I wanted to take this drive to see a baby buffalo. I feel like I am the only one working here that hasn't seen one. To show how spoiled you get living here, I saw 3 bears, a wolf den, and herds of elk and buffalo on this drive but was disappointed because I didn't see a baby buffalo!!!

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