Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dunraven Pass to North Canyon Rim

This Sunday morning, I rode with Trish and Kim across Dunraven Pass to Canyon. Dunraven Pass is the highest road in the park and is very pretty.

We parked at the Chittenden bridge parking lot and hiked the North Rim Trail. It is a very pretty trail that follows along the Yellowstone River:

Our first stop along the way was the brink of the upper falls. There are two waterfalls along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the upper and the lower. The upper fall is a much shorter waterfall, but it was still pretty intense to stand beside them and listen and watch all that water.

We continued on, crossing over Cascade Creek on a wooden bridge.

Just past the bridge, we could see Crystal Falls on Cascade Creek:

Cascade Creek flows into the Yellowstone River.

A little way farther along the trail, we could begin to see the colorful canyon walls:

We arrived at the brink of the lower falls, but it started thundering, sprinkling, and a cloud was moving in on us. So, expecting a downpour and lightening, we turned back to the car. There was a bear print on the trail. It was probably a black bear judging by the size of it. And yes, Michael, I remembered to put my big foot beside it!!!

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