Monday, May 4, 2009

Beaver Ponds Trail

Sunday afternoon, Trish and I hiked the 5.1 loop trail known as Beaver Ponds Trail. We started on the Old Gardiner Rd, cut across to the trail, and ended at the terraces. It was our first official hike on a trail in Yellowstone! It was fairly easy, but it would have been much easier if most of the trail hadn't still been covered in snow, ice, and mud. There were parts where there were snow drifts a couple feet over the trail. You would take a step and fall in the snow up to your hips! It was fun but exhausting!!! We didn't see any bears, but there were some nice views of the mountains and pretty places in the woods with streams from the melting snow.


  1. The pictures are so pretty. Looks like it was hard work..........

  2. Hey! More cool pics! What kind of animal is that?

  3. Laura,
    Pics are beautiful. I was wondering, Have you had to push any cars that where stuck in the snow. Show them have to do a back flop! HA! HA!
    Love ya