Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Road to Gardiner, MT

Tonight after dinner, a group of us hiked part of the Old Road to Gardiner. This was the original road used when the U.S. Army was stationed at Fort Yellowstone here at Mammoth Hot Springs. The road is 5 miles to Gardiner, but we probably only hiked 2 miles or so before turning back. We started seeing wolf tracks so we got a little chicken!!!!

Below is a partial view of the little town of Gardiner from the road:

We saw several different types of animals along the way. I didn't get a pic of the buffalo, but seeing a buffalo here is like seeing cattle back home! Below are some elk eating on the parade ground:

There were about 6 deer right above us on the trail. They couldn't have been more than a 100 ft or so but they didn't seem to be concerned or scared by us.

A pretty bluebird:

And a squirrel, I think:


  1. I MISS YOU LAURA LOU!!!!!!! I can't wait and Hope that me and Linda get to come see you this summer!!!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TONZ!!!! Hope you have a wonderful and safe time while in YSP!!!!


  2. Am really enjoying the pictures