Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GRIZZLY! and the raven

I saw my first grizzly bear today!! We (reservations and front desk trainees) went on the Yellowstone in a Day Tour, and on the road to Norris, this bear was beside the road. The bus pulled over and some of us got off the bus to take pictures. Apparently, the bear was digging for grubs. The raven wanted in on the action and would try to sneak up to where the bear was digging. At first, the bear would ignore the raven, but when it got too close, it would ran after it as you can see in the last pic:

It was so cool!

After we got back and had dinner, a group of us walked down the Roosevelt/Tower Rd to the Gardner River bridge. It was quite a walk! Uphill the whole way back! But there was pretty scenery and good people around so it was worth it!


  1. So far you have alot of new friends,"animals friends". Ha! Ha! I enjoy seeing this each day. A great way to keep in touch. Phil was in today, just left but got to look at all you pics. He said to tell you "hi" and will call you some time next week. Same phone #? If not e-mail me. Love ya Phil and Deb

  2. I finally got a chance to check out your blog tonight, and it is great! I can't believe how beautiful everything is out there, and it's probably even prettier in person. I'm glad you got this opportunity, and look forward to following your adventures this summer. Alesia

  3. really enjoy this. Mamaw says to stay away from the bears. i say "be aware!"