Friday, April 17, 2009

First Week

So far, so good. I checked in Tuesday and then took Daddy and Aunt Carol Ann back to Bozeman so they could fly back home the next day. When I left Bozeman, it was snowing pretty hard. After I got off I-90 at Livingston, Hwy 89 looked like this:

At this point, I wanted to turn around and go back my Daddy!!!!!
If the snow flying wasn't enough to make me a nervous wreck, all the wildlife along side the road were:

It snowed all night, and I woke up this view outside my window:

From this storm, there was a total of 8 inches that fell in the area.

But today has been a beautiful day, and the snow is melting. The sun has been shining most of the day. The temps have been in the mid to high 50's. I walked down to the visitors center in a t-shirt!

I'm still in training, and today my trainer and my fellow classmate took a "field trip" and drove out through Lamar Valley and out the Northeast Entrance to Cooke City, MT. Lamar Valley is a "secluded valley" that has great wildlife viewing. We saw buffalo, elk, coyotes, and an otter today.

About 4 miles or so from the northeast entrance is Cooke City, MT. The snow plows go from the park through town and then stop at the end of town. The highway to Red Lodge, known as Beartooth Hwy is not plowed in winter and is only open to snowmobiles. Look at the huge piles of snow in Cooke City:

I do not have to work tomorrow or Sunday, so me and my fellow trainee Denyse are driving out to Old Faithful and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone tomorrow. The roads to these attractions opened today. I want to get some good pics of these places while there is still a lot of snow fall.

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  1. Excellent images! I love Yellowstone - it brings back great memories of family roadtrips : ). Enjoy your Summer working there!