Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st day on the job

I was on the phone all day today. It went pretty smoothly. Had a guy (literally, his name was Guy pronounced Gee) from France call to change his reservation and I had a really hard time understanding him!! Had another man get aggrevated because I was taking too long but come on its only my first day!! Had a good day, but I'm tired tonight.

Another reason I probably so exhausted is because Rebekah and I took another good walk tonight. We walked down to the post office and saw 2 coyotes run across our path just beyond the post office. Then we turned and cut across the hill towards the Old Gardiner Road. We were wolf tracking!!!! Didn't see any. If I keep this hiking up, you people back home won't know me when I get home!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. If making reservations don't go over, you could begin season one of Biggest Loser of Yellowstone. Ha! Ha! Enjoy.
    Love ya Debbie