Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I needed a drive, so I took East River Rd to Livingston, then I-90 to Big Timber.
Big Timber is small town Montana.
I shopped in this boutique - very cute stuff. Bought a birthday present for Rebekah and a Christmas ornament for the exchange my friends and I will have this December.

Decided to take the backroads home via 298 from Big Timber. Beautiful country.

I didn't stop here for lunch though....
I thought this was a wierd name for a ranch in Montana, but the next picture will explain it...
Can you see the Lion's head in the rock?
I stopped at Natural Bridge & Falls State Park. Not quite as impressive as the Natural Bridge S.P. in Kentucky, but I enjoyed the short walk and scenery.

Wildflowers are gorgeous right now...
A man-made bridge in the background and water flowing under the natural bridge in the front.
Water flowing out the other side...

As I left the S.P., I headed into the Gallatin National Forest. The West is like a different country. This sign on the post is an example:
This part of the country is much drier and heavily forested. Fires move through and change the landscape. Part of this forest has burned. I wonder if the fire stopped from a change in the wind direction or snowfall?

The forest service was gravel and narrow. There were several one-lane bridges. Ever mile or so, there was a ranch or different church camps.
After driving several miles in the forest, I turned around and headed back towards Livingston via West Boulder Rd. which turned into Swingley Rd once it entered Park County. GORGEOUS! I love Montana....

To quote Merle Haggard, "Put me in the middle of Montana"...
Once I got back to Gardiner, there was a rainbow. A perfect ending to a beautiful day.

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