Friday, June 26, 2009

James' Visit - Day 5

We drove the Old Road to Gardiner and went to the Town Cafe for breakfast. There were so many wildflowers in bloom.

After breakfast, we headed to the geyser basins near Old Faithful. The first stop was the Fountain Paint Pots:

These were at Black Sand Basin:

We took the Fountain Lake side road and arrived just as this geyser was errupting:

As we headed back north towards Roosevelt, we stopped here at Sheepeater cliff:

On the Mammoth-Roosevelt Rd, this coyote was walking down the road. Both ears had what appeared to be stickers (I guess they were tags). An orange on his right ear and a green one on his left ear.

We checked into our cabin at Roosevelt Lodge and then drove out to Lamar Valley. Near Soda Butte, there was a large crowd of people stopped at the pull-out along the road.

We stopped, too. There were 2 wolves chasing a baby antelope!!! The mama and daddy antelope were chasing the wolves, running into and bumping the wolves a couple of time to try to distract the wolves from the baby. They would come closer to where we were standing, then run far off, then come close again as the crowd would gasp and cheer on both the antelopes and the wolves!!! It seemed as though the wolves gave up on the baby antelope - we thought the baby antelope was safe as they headed off to our right while the wolves were off to our left. But, NO!! There were two coyotes lurking in the sagebrush and attacked and killed the baby antelope.


  1. Laura, Ck every day to see if you have posted anything....wasn't disappointed today! HA! Really enjoyed reading about the wolves and antelopes. Do you have any pictures where you stayed at Roosevelt??? Love Ya

  2. Hello! My mother works at the same hospital as your mom and they were telling her about your blog. My husband and I are also fans of the wonderful yellowstone. I have enjoyed your blog so much. We are planning to come out in September for a couple of weeks. Your pictures are beautiful. Keep up the blog, it is great!!!
    Kelly Biddle- Paris, Kentucky