Thursday, June 25, 2009

James' Visit - Day 4

After breakfast at Canyon Cafeteria, we headed towards Old Faithful. Along the way, we stopped at the Artist Paintpots where the mud is boiling: Then, we drove down a little side road where there was a large bison herd. There were also two flocks of geese playing follow the leader:

We went on to Old Faithful geyser and went into the Inn for a little while. Then, we headed up to Mammoth Hot Springs and checked into the cabin. I showed James where I live and work. We drove the Upper Terrace Drive and viewed the terraces and hotsprings. Then, we went to Subway in Gardiner and got sandwiches for a picnic. Had a picnic at Lava Creek and drove out to Lamar Valley. Along the way, we took a side trip along Blacktail Plateau Drive. I'm glad we did because at the end of it, we saw a black bear:
Also, we drove down to the petrified tree:

We stopped here at Soda Butte in Lamar Valley to watch a couple of wolves out in the meadow.


  1. We loved the pictures of the fourth day of James' vacation! Mother can't see them but she likes for me to read what you write!

  2. Love the pictures!!