Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go West!

I'm headed back to YNP for another summer! Clarinda and Cari Ann rode along with me. We had a great time!

St. Louis Gateway Arch. We took the elevators to the top.

The view from the arch was amazing!!

The viewing area wasn't as big as I thought it would be...the ceiling wasn't very tall.

Busch Stadium, Home of the Cardinals, as seen from the arch!

The first night of the trip, we stayed in Clarinda, Iowa much to our Clarinda's delight!! It was a very nice, small town.

The Iowa countryside was beautiful, but the pics just don't show how pretty it really was. This is along Hwy 2 in Iowa, headed to Lincoln, Nebraska.

DAY 2: We travelled across Nebraska and stopped at the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum that is built over Interstate 80:

The museum pays tribute to the pioneers who travelled the Great Platte River Road to settle the West.

Cari Ann listening to the story of the 49ers. The headsets gave commentary and info as you walk along at your own speed.

Checking the speed of cars passing below us:


Western Nebraska:

Cheyenne, Wyoming:

Windmills in Eastern Wyoming:

Just before we arrived in Laramie, it started snowing:

We spent the night in Laramie, WY. We had a nice surprise when we checked in at the hotel. Chad had pre-arranged for a gift basket to be waiting for us! It was stuffed full of snacks and goodies for the rest of the trip.

DAY 3: Eastern Wyoming along I-80.

Snow Breaks along I-80 in WY to reduce the drifting of snow onto the road:

At Rock Springs, we got off the interstate and took Hwy 191 North towards Jackson.

We made it to Jackson and then drove into Grand Teton National Park. The Tetons are breathtaking:

We saw two moose:

Then we saw 2 Grizzlies:
Clarinda and Cari Ann in front of the frozen Jackson Lake with the Tetons behind them.

We stayed in Jackson at The Parkway Inn. It was very quaint and cute:

From Jackson, we headed northwest into Idaho. The scenery was beautiful!!! We saw a couple of trucks loaded down with potatoes.

As we got closer to West Yellowstone, MT and the west entrance of YNP, we came through a blizzard! This southern girl was nervous!

West Yellowstone, MT: The blizzard had dumped a foot of snow inside YNP, so they closed the roads. We had to take a 3 hour detour up to Bozeman and then through the North Entrance of the park.
Big Sky, MT. Beautiful! On Hwy 89, south of Livingston in Paradise Valley.

We FINALLY arrived in YNP. Clarinda and Cari Ann didn't get to see much because the snow had the roads in the park closed. We stayed a couple of nights in Gardiner, MT where Cari Ann got to swim. I'm so glad they came with me and had a girls road trip.

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