Friday, August 7, 2009

Ladies Night at the Okey Dokey Mammoth Corrals

Les had a girls night out campfire party for us tonight at the Mammoth corrals.

As you can tell by the jackets, sweatshirts, and coats it was quite a chilly night.

The barn:

Somehow, I wasn't around when the order was sent out to pack in firewood !!
To complete the western ambience, The Duke was on t.v. in the wrangler's cabin:

This is a cemetery close to the corral. Most of the sites are from the late 1800's for the U.S. Calvary and their families who died while living at Ft. Yellowstone in Mammoth.

We had a great time enjoying the warm fire and each other's company. We ended the night with Smores!


  1. Enjoyed the pictures, as always!!!! Mama

  2. hi, enjoyed your new postings!!!!