Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grand Tetons

Oh, the Tetons! What a beautiful mountain range! Rebekah, Aimee, and I spent our first afternoon by Jackson Lake.

We headed to Signal Mtn Lodge for ice cream and enjoyed it on the deck:

It started raining, so we went for a drive. When we got back, we had a visitor at our Signal Mtn campsite:

We started a campfire and put dinner on. Steak, potatoes, carrots, and onions with baked beans. Yum! It started raining, so while we were waiting for dinner, we played cards in the tent.

Dinner was delicious. We followed it up with Smores and went to sleep. It was pretty chilly the next morning. We went to Jackson for the day and had lunch at the Sweet Water Restaurant. Also, read for a while Shades coffee shop. Then, headed back to our campsite for another good meal of chicken, veggies, and smores! We sat talking by the campfire for a long time. It was a chilly, wet night.
The next morning, we headed to Jenny Lake. We took the ferry across to the West Dock.

Then, we hiked one mile up to Inspiration Point:

We took in the view for a while before hiking back down and around Jenny Lake 3.5 miles.


  1. The pictures were breath taking!!!! Mom

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed with beautiful pictures!!!!!!!