Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lost Lake

Elizabeth and I have new hiking buddies! Both work in reservations. Cathleen is a college student from the Indy area. Holly is a trained opera singer from New York. We all have the same days off so we decided to hike the Lost Lake Trail in the Roosevelt area.

Along the road, this black bear was hanging out and eating flowers.

Once at Roosevelt, we headed up to Tower Creek falls located behind the lodge.

Continuing on our Lost Lake trail, we had a gorgeous day with a blue sky.

A mischievious looking whistle pig along the trail:

This hike had wildflowers galore!

Soaking up the sunshine and wildflowers...

Elizabeth took this pic below.

After this great hike, we stopped at Wraith Falls for a short walk.

Later, Cathleen and I went camping at Madison. Just before sunset, we walked down to the Madison River...

...with the National Park Mountain in the background: We stopped for a long break amongst the wildflowers. Holly had promised us she would sing and it was the perfect place for "Edelweiss" from 'The Sound of Music' :

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